MagicTest is a new test framework for Java. It features a visual approach which eliminates drawbacks known from other test frameworks like TestNG or JUnit. No assert statements are necessary to check the expected results, no artificial constructs are needed for negative tests, it is easy to work with complex objects and big data, maintaining the tests is straight forward and a clearly arranged HTML report makes your tests also comprehensible for other people. So testing becomes not only more efficient but is also fun!

For an easy start you should read the tutorial which gives you an introduction in the magic way of testing. The Quickstart section helps you to get started with MagicTest in a few minutes.

MagicTest has first been introduced in an article on Javalobby. A second article shows how handling exceptions in tests becomes really easy. Another article shows how MagicTest can be used for characterization tests. A printed article about MagicTest has been published in the German Eclipse Magazin and is available as PDF (MagicTest: Visuelles Testen mit Java). A summary of the article is available online. Two more articles showed in a challenge how effectively writing tests with MagicTest can be: (The Magic Testing Challenge and The Magic Testing Challenge: Part 2)

If you prefer watching, there is a 3 minute screencast showing you the use of MagicTest in a simple example. MagicTest has also been presented in a talk at JAX 2016 in Mainz.

Follow me on Twitter @magicwerk for announcements. Use the Google group magictest-users to ask questions or discuss about MagicTest.

MagicTest is released under the Apache License 2.0. Download the Eclipse plug-in under Download.

I appreciate your feedback!

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