How can I check which version I'm using?
Execute the Eclipse command Help / About Eclipse. Click on "Installation Details" in the dialog and select the tab "Plug-ins". Look for the plug-in named "MagicTest" (plugin-in ID is "org.magictest.eclipse") and check the version column.
I have annotated my test class using @Trace but the calls to the method under test are still not traced. Why?
Look at the console output. Probably MagicTest will complain that it could not find a matching method call to instrument:
No calls to ... found when instrumenting ...
My tests where all running successfully. Now I have done some refactoring and they fail. Why?
There are two different problems which can occur upon refactoring.
  • If you use the standard naming conventions and you rename your method under test, MagicTest will no longer be able to find the method under test for instrumenting. This will typically result in an empty test result.
  • If you rename the test analogous to the method under test, the test output will be back, but the test will still fail because the files MagicTest uses for storing the results (in the magictest directory) have not yet been renamed.
  • The easiest way to get a successful test again is to simply save the actual test result, so MagicTest creates the new result file from scratch. Of course you should only confirm the test if you are sure that the test has been sucessful before the refactoring and the refactoring could not have influenced the test outcome. Note that you should also manually delete the old result file which is not used any longer.
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